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Fingerboard tricks

Fingerboard tricks

The fingerboard is a miniaturized skateboard, and like the skateboard, it is possible to perform figures in fingerskate. The tricks will be the same as those in skateboarding, only they will be executed with the hand. First of all, we will recall what is a fingerboard...

How to choose your fingerboard

How to choose your fingerboard

Choosing a fingerboard is similar to choosing a real skateboard. Let's not forget that a fingerskate is a miniaturized skateboard, so it's the same thing. To choose your fingerboard, you need to identify different criteria, and ask yourself the right questions.  ...

What is the fingerboard ?

The fingerboard is simply a miniaturized skateboard with which it is possible to perform tricks. This new discipline arrived in the United States in the late 1970s and was revealed by Future Primitve during a video demonstration. It was around the year 2000 that fingerboarding became really popular.

The fingerboard looks perfectly like a classic skateboard, and contains the same elements: board, grip, trucks, wheels, screws… Like skateboards, it is possible to buy fingerboards as a complete kit, or to configure them on demand. Indeed, you will find on our store at reasonable price, both complete fingerboard kits, but also different parts like custom decks, trucks or original wheels.

Store Partner

Our fingerboard partner (also called fingerskate sometimes) is the French brand Close up.

Damien, the founder of Close up, has been a skateboarding enthusiast for over 30 years now. After working in a skateshop and making several trips to China, he started his own business project. He made the fingerboard known in France when it was commercialized in 2007.

Today, he is one of the few creators of fingerboards in the world, the products are quality, many designs and partnerships have been created, it is a project full of success!

That’s why Wings Board is delighted to share with you the creations of Close Up, a professional and ethical brand. This fingerboard shop means a lot for us.


How to use a fingerboard

You want to buy your first fingerskate but you don’t know how to use it ? We will give you some tips to enjoy your new fingerboard.

First of all, choose the fingerboard that suits you in our fingerskate shop. We advise you to buy a complete kit for the first time, in order to get familiar with the object. You can of course make your own custom fingerboards later on. Our store also sells the parts separately.

Once you have purchased your fingerskate, it will be delivered within a few days. You can then assemble it. The parts are perfectly machined, it is usually easy to assemble.

Now you have your fingerboard ready to use, you just need to place two fingers, often the index and middle finger, on the skateboard and roll it. Once you feel comfortable rolling the fingerboard, you can start doing tricks, flat or on obstacles.

Where to go fingerboarding

The fingerskate is a practice that can be done everywhere ! The principle remains the same as skateboarding, you can do it everywhere and at any time.

Among the most used places, there are :

  • The street
  • At home
  • On your school table
  • A kitchen
  • A sidewalk
  • In a train

You understood the idea, the fingerboard is very similar to the skateboard, you can do it everywhere (even more than the skateboard).

You can find completes fingerboards in this shop online, do your choice.

How to improve your fingerboarding

The progression in fingerboarding is very fast in the first days/months, but you can then stagnate in this practice, like skateboarding. Indeed, you can quickly do tricks but it can take months to enter a new trick.

How do you progress in skateboarding ? By discovering new obstacles and places.

For the fingerboard that we manipulate with the fingers, you also need accessories. These accessories can be :

  • a pyramid
  • a ramp
  • a spine
  • a funbox

You can find some of these fingerboard accessories in our fingerboard store. They are available at a fair price, and the delivery is fast.

Complete kit or spare parts

Should you choose a complete fingerboard kit or make your own custom fingerboard, handpicking each part in the store : deck, wheels, trucks.

Wings Board offers you both choices : the complete kits are our star products but single decks are also available.

To start, I would advise you to buy a complete kit, just like in skateboarding. You will be delivered with the whole fingerboard to build, without any headache on the different elements to buy. Also, on the whole, the complete kits will generally cost you less than if you buy each part, each accessory separately.

Why trust our shop

Our fingerboard store aims to deliver high quality products that will last over time.

It’s again the same thing as skateboards, skating a skateboard that breaks at the end of the first trick is not really pleasant. For fingerboards it’s the same thing, we want your miniaturized skates to be solid.

Close Up, our fingerboard supplier, has made this discipline known in France with original boards. Fingerboarding was first targeted at children, but teenagers and even adults have also taken pleasure in collecting these boards.

Regularly, new designs are put online in our shop, find them at a good price. The delivery will be done between 3 and 5 working days, more if it is outside France.

If you have any problems with the delivery, the product or any other question, Wings Board will answer you as soon as possible. Our store exists above all to create a good relationship between fingerboard fans and professionals.

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